Streamlining the
planning process

Gaining approvals from Local and State governments for works to your heritage property can be daunting. Works can fall into different categories, requiring different approvals – Section 57, Section 60, Development Applications, Integrated Development Applications etc.. I can assist with all the different levels of approvals and liaise with the authorities to ensure you gain the right approval for the works you’re proposing to undertake.

Heritage Assessments

Perhaps your property is of heritage significance, but not currently recognized as such? I can assist with the assessment of your property, using the Assessment Criteria set out by the NSW Heritage Council and prepare Inventory sheets for local or state listings.

Conservation Management Plans

Large and complex properties can require a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) to be prepared. I can assist with the preparation of a CMP using the Guidelines set out by the NSW Heritage Council, and co-ordinating with the necessary sub-consultants such as historians, archaeologists, landscape historians etc.

Heathcote Hall, Heathcote NSW, CMP completed 2017.

Anne on roof of Powerhouse Museum 1986.

Advice on Conservation Works

Once your project has received the necessary approvals, I can assist with preparing schedules of works for detailed conservation works such as:

- Treatment of rising or falling damp
- Sacrificial render treatments
- Roof repairs
- Carpentry and joinery
- Heritage colour schemes

Collaboration with Design Architects

As a heritage specialist, I often collaborate with Design Architects in their projects with heritage listed properties, preparing historical research and Statements of Heritage Impact. I have worked with the following architectural practices over the past few years:

- Prescott Architects
- DalglieshWard
- PalmStudio
- PIDCOCK - Architecture + Sustainability
- Tony Beattie
- Emiat Pty Ltd

Anne outside her Shanghai lane-house, 2005.